tuto fuzzi

How to describe the material on this CDr? Close-Contact Accou-Hectotronics? NoKrautWork? Or “Ooops” after all? Tuto Fuzzi describe their band as being “freenoise”, a broad term in the wide spectrum of noise music – “Free” in the case of Tuto Fuzzi has to be interpreted as “improvised” rather than “whatever may come over us”. They’ve got a couple of mp3′s online on their site, apparantly live recordings, that have a good deal in common with free jazz, but on Bloed the classic jazz-sounds coming from drums and saxes are more or less left out in favour for more electronic-induced noises used in a freejazz-way – Instruments used include drums, computers, junkytoysynths and a dissonant guitar. Their sound is hectic, chaotic, schizophrenic that will sureley please people that like improvised electro-accoustic stuff – A lot is happening on this record, sound quality is damn good and though electronics are extensively used it all sounds fairly analogue, no boring cheesy effects and sounds, but in your face cracks’n percussion, the people manning the computers were or are probably drummers and hit the keys accordingly. Hit Hit Crack Baf Hit!
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Janin Benecke: guitar, drum computers, drums

Claus Lehmann: sampler

Pit Noack: sampling, programming, drums

Jens Windeler: saxophone