The basic idea of the project Funkausstellung was to develop a sound installation during a social process involving as many people as possible. Subsequently, there were two constitutive things at stake: the installation was to be constructed out of used hi-fi components, and would follow a randomly controlled compositional principle, using sound fragments contributed by the participants of the process.

The initial implementation took place in May 2012 at the Galeria Lunar in Hannover in cooperation with Musik 21 Niedersachsen and the Cultural Office Hannover.

To realize the project, local and international artists, as well as friends and neighbors of the gallery were asked to provide sound material. During the exhibition, there was also the opportunity to record sounds in a mobile studio which had been built in the gallery. Decisions regarding the nature of each sound contribution was left up to participants, and no musical skills were required. In opposition to arranged and finished musical pieces with a certain sonic density, all individual sounds and sequences produced by acoustic or electronic instruments, or everyday items and tools were welcomed. Thus, sonic density and dynamics were produced by the continuance of the process and the growing structure of the installation on the basis of random combinations with other contributions. Invitations to participate were extremely well received, and even before the opening more than 100 people had already sent in useful material. Many also took advantage of the opportunity to record sounds in the gallery. 20 adults and children came along and made recordings in the mobile studio. Five months after the show at the Galeria Lunar, more than 160 people contributed sound material. Of this material over 900 sound fragments were extracted with a length ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Using a computer program developed exclusively for the project, individual stereo tracks using these fragments were produced, and then transferred to CD or tape. During the exhibition, hi-fi systems were installed gradually, and played individual sound recordings. The individual stereo systems were running permanently, whereas the single stereo tracks contained mostly silence, interspersed by randomly selected sound fragments. Therefore it was not the aim to fill the space with the highest possible density of sounds, but to create a spatial, dynamic and diverse sound field. Since the individual sound carriers were not synchronized and were changed regularly, the fragments were perpetually put together to produce new and surprising formations, which often sounded as if they‘d been composed. The audience often received this never-ending aleatoric composition as highly entertaining.

Continuation of the project

After the exhibition at the Galeria Lunar the project has been continued. A scaled down version of the installation has been shown at the Blurred Edges Festival 2012 in Hamburg, and the project was presented at the Ex Tempore Festival 2012. In 2013, the installation was implemented at the Galeria Mário Sequeira in Braga (Portugal), and at the Liceo Mutante in Pontevedra (Galicia). Further future performances of the project are desirable. Therefore, sound contributions are still very welcome. If you are interested in contributing to other manifestations of the Funkausstellung, or if you would like to organize a presentation of the installation, please don’t hesitate to contact the following address:

Public Domain?

It is highly desirable to publish the whole library of audio fragments under public domain. But naturally, every single contributor has to give his approval before this can happen. A lot of work, but we will try!
update 29.06.2013: about 50 persons gave their permission yet!

Participants (last update 08.06.2013)

Ludwig Abraham, Dave Abramson, Liz Allbee, Benjamin L. Aman, Matt Anderson, Mathieu Aupest, Büsra Atar, Ravi Bade, Holger Banse, Kim Barlow, Leon Barnett, Michael Barthel, Pedro Bericat, Carsten Bethmann, Sindre Bjerga, Tom Blancarte, Jorge Boehringer, Eric Boros, Brandstifter, Andreas Brüning, Norbert Bürger, Luke Calzonetti, David Chérubin, Antoine Chessex, Ralf Claussen, Henry Collins, Craig Comstock, Josepha Conrad, Chris Cook, Luis Conquenao, Alan Courtis, Crank Sturgeon, George Cremaschi, Alexandre Cyril, Tim Dahl, Bryan Day, Steffan de Turck, Shawn Dicey, Stefan Dissmer, Lisa Domin, James Dougherty, Jürgen Eberhard, Korhan Erel, Gülşah Erol, Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg, Nikola Fahlbusch, John Fanning, Dario Fariello, Karsten Fecht, Barbara Fischer, Crapo Fischer, Yvo Fischer, Christopher Fleeger, Daniela Fromberg, Reinhard Frye, Andreas Führer, Christian Galarreta, Ursula Gastfall, Armantas Geciauskas, Olaf Gehrke, Laurent Gerard, Hans Gierschick, Kersten Ginsberg, Jan Gieseke, Emil Goettling, Thibault Gondard, Carlotta Güldenpfennig, Astrid Hagenguth, Aymeric Hainaux, Ron Hake, Rike Hanning, Torsten Heilmann, Simon Henneman, Monika Hermann, Tobias Hickethier, Sascha Leah Hinz, Palle Højrup, Roman Höfers, Andreas Hoffmann, Vrank Hühnerbein, Eren Ileri, Rafal Iwanski, Benedikt Jagemann, Wouter Jaspers, Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen, Herman Kanne, Angelina Kartsaki, Lindsay Karty, Jürgen Kathmann, Till Kathmann, Jenn Kelly, Ulli Kiehm, Yoko Kikuchi, Reza Maria Kilian, Holger Kirleis, Joost Kleppe, Tobias Klich, Felix Koch, Vincenz Kokot, Dominic Korb, Hans-Joachim Knust, Rafał Kołacki, Mathias Kom, Jonas Krage, Joseph Kramer, Jay Kreimer, Sebastian Kunas, Aenne Langhorst, Charles Lavenac, Matthias Lehmann, Gunnar Lettow, Jan Liesenhoff, Christian Lohre, Alexandre Losada, Malte Ludwig, Olaf Maikopf, Christoph Mann, Damian Marhulets, Dirk Marwedel, Wolfram Meier, Mario Mentrup, Eberhard Meisel, Ava Mendoza, Matthias Meyer, Dominika Michalowska, Julia Mihály, Mija Milovic, mise_en_scene, Frank Mittendorf, Belal Mohammad, Mark Morgan, Jan Müller, Winfried Noack, The Norman Conquest, Danny O‘Really, Andy Ortmann, Ruben Patiño, Tara Pattenden, Oliver Peters, Niklas Pfeil, Lars Bech Pilgaard, Jonas Pirzer, Claus Poulsen, Sebastian Pralle, Tobias Prinz, Lijun Qu, Leo Reijnders, Don Ritter, Lua Rodriguez- Märkisch, Stefan Roigk, Dario Sanfilippo, Bryan Saunders, Tomoko Sauvage, Michele Scariot, Herbert Schmid, Steve Schmitt, Daniel Scholz, Heidrun Schramm, Daniel Schröder, Nils Schumacher, Henning Schweichel, Jan-Heinrich Seegers, Sabine Sellig, Ariel Sharratt, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Tom Smith, Tiago Sousa, Howard Stelzer, Cristian Subirà, Agnes Szelag, Elisabeth Tacke, Utku Tavil, Thomas Thiery, Niklas Thiedke, Bianca Thomas, Wim Van Gelder, Jan van Hasselt, Peter Votaya, Klaus Weiße, Bas Welling, Sebastian Wendt, Marie Wesche, Sebastian Wesman, Nicolas Wiese, Jörn Wisch, Nicolaus Woernle, Peter Wong, Martin Christoph Wolfstein, Darren Wyngarde, Volker Zander, Lenka Zupkova