Active as a producer, teacher and curator, the work of Pit Noack covers the fields of sound installation, electroacoustic composition, contemporary music, media art and media theory. Significant of his work is a strong interest in
transdisciplinary projects at the interfaces of science, technology and art. In his works, Noack frequently combines vintage audio components, state-of-the-art digital tools and self-developed software. For example, he uses (both as a solo artist and in ensembles) cassette recorders and an array of pre-owned / scavenged loudspeakers as a musical instrument, while hundreds of tapes with self-produced sounds serve as an analog sample library

selected exhibitions

2002 Project Ruta Pi (Mexico DF)

2004 Hungarian Expo Pavillon (Hannover)

2004 Hermannshof Voelksen

2005 BGIA (Sankt Augustin)

2005 Sfinks Club (Sopot, Poland)

2007 Sonar, Kunstmuseum Celle

2007 Center for Contemporary Architecture (Budapest)

2008 Tercer Festival de Arte Independiente (Mexico DF)
2009 O‘ (Milano)

2010 Galerie Hunchentoot (Berlin)
2012 Pianofabriek (St-Gillis)
2012 Galeria Lunar (Hannover)
2013 Institut fuer alles Moegliche (Berlin)
2013 Galeria Mário Sequeira (Braga, Portugal)
2013 Liceo Mutante (Pontevedra, Galicia)

2013 Kunsthalle Faust (Hannover)
2013 Kunstraum Bei Koc (Hannover)
2014 Kunstverein Springhornhof (Neuenkirchen)
2015 Zentralwerk (Dresden)
2017 Keller III (Hannover)

selected shows

2003 Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (Mexico DF)
2004 Galerie Hinterconti (Hamburg)
2004 Kunstverein Hannover *
2005 Deathpetrol Festival (Antwerp)

2006 Garage (Den Haag) *
2006 La Miroiterie (Paris)

2006 Live at the Living (Tienen) *
2006 Scherer8 (Berlin) *
2006 Stralau 68 (Berlin) *
2006 Scheldapen (Antwerp) *
2008 BM Suma (Istanbul)
2009 Eletronic Church (Berlin)

2010 Museum fuer Moderne Kunst (Bremen)

2010 Institut fuer Neue Medien (Frankfurt)

2010 Raeubertage (Dresden)
2010 E 25 Festival (Maastricht)
2010 Warehouse 9 (Copenhagen)
2010 Kunstraum Michael Barthel (Leipzig)
2011 Kuenstlerhaeuser Worpswede
2011 Ausland (Berlin)

2012 Blurred Edges Festival (Hamburg)
2012 Ex Tempore Festival (Hannover)
2013 Gnration (Braga, Portugal)
2013 Mercedes Bar (Porto)
2015 Zentralwerk (Dresden) ***
2015 Tanzquartier (Wien) ***
2016 Musiktheatertage Wien ***
2016 Zentrale (Wien)
2016 Sprengel Musem Hannover

* with tuto fuzzi
** with three resurrected drunkards
*** with Opera of Entropy